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About This Project

The double injection ‘Sweepy’ has an ergonomic grip and a specific bristle cut that enables users to brush all surfaces of their teeth deeply and effectively.

Double injection, ergonomic, fruit scented and transparent TPE-handled ‘Duocare’ helps avert the build up of plaque and tartar with its specific bristle cut that deep cleans teeth and gums. Specially textured bristles with whitening agents provide effective cleaning of the tooth surface. The texturized region on the back of the head cleans the tongue, removes bacteria and prevents bad breath.

Produced by plastic injection with PP and TPE material, the double injection ‘Relaxion’ has an ergonomic handle. The cross bristles and side cut of the toothbrush provide effective brushing. Special TPE bristles massage the gums and increase blood circulation. The teflon bristles make it easy to clean between the teeth.