Work Process

1. Clarification Of The Brief

For us, the first step in design is a process of exploration. We clarify the design briefing by asking questions, not only about technical specifications (size, production method, etc.) of the envisioned product, but also about the target consumer group, material options and marketing strategy. The customer’s expectations for the product and other strategic concerns are important during this exploration.

2. Sector Analysis

We analyze similar products already on the market and competing companies within the sector, along with the targeted consumer group.

3. Trend Analysis

Following an analysis of contemporary market trends, we outline a conceptual framework for the product in accordance with the customer’s overall brand strategy.

4. Sketches

After our market analysis, we start working on preliminary design sketches.

5. Models

We produce numerous 3D models to evaluate the dimensional, ergonomic and formal qualities of the various design options.

6. Preliminary Presentation

We present our client with drawings and models of design alternatives.

7. Follow-up Presentation and CAD Data Submission

Following the preliminary presentation, we prepare 3D CAD data for the chosen design which enables life-size model production.

8. Model Evaluation

We inspect and evaluate the life-sized model, and revisions are made on the product, if necessary.

9. Revisions and Product Supervision

Once we submit the final CAD data, we supervise the entire production process by collaborating with all the related departments of the manufacturer.

10. Prototype Inspection

After the completion of the mechanical design process, we perform the final inspection of the manufactured prototype. Any necessary revisions are made, allowing the final mould stage and actual production to begin.

11. Color and Texture Schemes

We provide our clients with color and texture alternatives based on the market and trend analysis for their target consumer group.

12. Patent Application

At Kilit Tasi Design, we support our customers for utility and design patent procedures by preparing necessary data files for national and international application.

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