About Kilit Tasi

Kilit Tasi Design is an interdisciplinary creative practice specializing in industrial product design. At Kilit Tasi, we prefer to play an active role in every stage of the design process, from the development of initial ideas until the launch of the final product to the consumer.


Since 1996, Kilit Tasi Design has been actively providing design services to companies in widely diverse sectors, ranging from electrical household appliances, domestic and personal hygiene products, lighting, packaging, automotive electronics, stationery and medical equipment, to the carpeting and furniture industries.


Aksu, Atlas, Arzum, Banat, Bıcakcılar, Gondol, Mas, Primanova, Pelit, Scrikss, Sunny, Umur are among the companies that have already utilized  Kilit Tasi Design services. With dozens of manufactured products in its portfolio, Kilit Tasi Design Team has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, and has received a variety of awards.


Presently, Kilit Tasi Design has two work spaces, the office and the workshop. Each new design project is launched in the office with initial sketches, then continues on its way to the workshop for study models that allow dimensional and ergonomic checks. The workshop also serves as a play area for experimentation and developing conceptual ideas for various projects, including our own designer brand, ZULA.