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Kilit Tasi Design has just completed its 20th year. We are providing industrial design, design management and design strategy consultancy services to numerous companies from different business sectors. For our awarded designs and more:

Our new designs; Heritage and Fenix pen sets for Scrikss, Enjoy tabletop accessories set for Mas, toothbrushes and a cleaning set for Banat, tractor cluster for Bestas, contact grill for Aksu, diaper pail and shower caddy for Ansan were exhibited in Design Turkey 2016 Exhibition...

Last week, our new pen design FENIX was introduced at Insights-X The Trade Fair For Paper, Office Supplies and Stationary, located in Nürnberg. Designed for Scrikss, FENIX has a pen and a roller ball versions in different color and coating options.

During last week, our new stapler and punch designs were introduced at Insights-X the trade fair for paper, office supplies and stationary, located in Nürnberg. Designed for Mas, different sized staplers and punches utilize a combination of matte and glossy black surfaces, as well as...